I’m in the New York Post today… on a pole!

Look! Here’s me, making my parents proud!

Haha, kidding, they’re okay with it… mostly.

(FYI: This is just a picture of the full length photo, which is only the print version, so pick it up!)

Anyway, here’s the back story: I had a nasty breakup and ended up on OK Cupid (per the realization that everybody else I know is on it and no one’s been murdered). (YET).

Funny enough, the only non-creepy message I got was from the dating editor at the NY Post, asking if I’d like to be set up for Meet Market (TM). I guess pole=marketability?

Long story short, there’s a photographer at my house (!!!!) so yes, that pic is my room and my beautiful, beautiful X-Pole making its stunning debut. Glad I remembered to polish the Dry Hands off first!

I still haven’t been on my date yet, but (SPOILER ALERT) I picked the trainer. Because I don’t already work and live with enough trainers. I needed an extra person in my life to give me dirty looks for eating a bagel. šŸ˜€

Jokes! I loveĀ my trainer friends and I’m going to bribe them very soon to give me aĀ specialized pole workout and stretches I can share with you guys.

Anyway, click the link, stalk my write up, andĀ feel free to vote? Because make the guys feel good?

<3 and don’t forget, classes on Monday!!!

Happy Twirls!

PS. A little pimpage for the Dating Editor at the Post, Jozen Cummings… he has an awesome blog “Until I Get Married” and he’s generally a doll, so, check his shit out!

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