Pole Jams ’12: Your Ultimate Playlist

Awkward still of Chris Brown showing his abs in the “Strip” video. Why? BECAUSE I CAN.

Hey Y’all!

Sorry I haven’t written in so long… shit has been CRAY CRAY.

Luckily, it’s all in good ways–classes have been intense, and we just had a packed open house. I taught a few intro pole classes, but the best part was sitting in on the “exotic stuff” that I usually don’t get to see… lap dancing,  the “wiggle it jiggle it” booty class (booty booty booty rockin’ everywhere!), and an amazing chair dance demo.

Of course, half the fun for me in watching the other instructors was sneaking a listen at their playlists. The music is a huge part of why I love dancing. And getting to pick my playlists for class? YES PLEASE. So sorry students, but we DO have to listen to “Creep” by TLC at least every other week. THAT’S HOW I ROLL.

Anyway, after shamelessly incorporating a few new jams from the routines I saw last week, it got me thinking…. let me share my weird-ass favorite pole songs!

I know when I was just starting out I was desperate for good tracks to dance to. So here ya go–10 sweet-ass tracks to get you started, and, with one or two exceptions, I can guarantee that you’re not sick to death of them!! Cause they’re super-weird, guys!

1. Tonight (Best You Ever Had), John Legend

I bold faced stole this from the lap dance demo I saw. Sexy but not raunchy, it’s a great performance song… even if your audience is just a bewildered guy in a chair.

2. Careless Whisper, Seether

Sometimes I get tired of hip hop (very, VERY rarely) and this little bit of grit is such a palate cleanser. Great for floor work, and lots of bump and grind level changes.

3. Look After You, The Fray

This is such a sweet slow jam… great for a more emotional dance, or where you’re going for a more artistic, less sexy routine.

4. Strip, Chris Brown ft. Kevin McCall

Great performance piece–upbeat, sexy, and under three minutes! Nuff said.

5. Quickie, Miguel

Ugh, so. frickin’. sexy. Great spin song, especially extended ones, with a little pirouette work. It’s got the perfect lilt for a little bit of playing around between moves.

6. Keep It In the Closet, Michael Jackson (For extra fun, this vid is an amazing pole dance by Miss Pole Dance Ukraine, 2011!)

High energy and “different.” Perfect practice track to throw on when you’re exhausted and frustrated with inverts 😛

7. Kick Your Game, TLC

Cute, sexy, but not trying too hard–great “dancing for other dancers” song. Plus a few moments where the music slows down to throw a pose on. Love!

8. Fool That I Am, Etta James

Vintage pole song! This is unbelievable sensual, emotional, and romantic to dance to. Also, a great build up on the last 30 secs to toss a big trick in. Try it on your S.O. 😉

9. I’m Doin’ Me, Fantasia

Empowerment song. When I’m dancing through boy trouble, I play this.

10. Play With Fire, Hilary Duff

You guys, I don’t know why I like this song. It just kinda kicks ass. I like the words. LEAVE ME ALONE. Personal preferences aside, this is great for a trick-loaded routine. It’s very well suited to snappy movements and hair flipping.

Also, “You can’t make up for what you’ve done, but you still try to be the one” is every girl’s life, right? 😛


Just kidding ;)but if you can successfully pole dance to that, please send me a video and you’ll be my hero for life.

Actually, just for fun, here’s 5 terrible songs to dance to:

1. Mystery!

2. Bet you wish you knew!

3. Oh man, SUSPENSE!

4. You know this one’s gotta be good…


Oh PS, my studio’s having an AMAZING promotion right now–45 bucks for $115 worth of classes (ie. a 5 class card). Having been to at least half of the studios in the great NYC area, I can tell you that you’re almost never going to do better than $25 an hour… and this breaks down to $9! GET ON IT, it’s only up for 2 days!

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to request MOI for your first lesson ;)Here’s the schedule, snitches, come get me!!

Happy Twirls!


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